How to Use free internet? Unlimited free internet using Trick(100%Reall)


How to use free unlimited internet

I hope you are well. I am also well by the infinite mercy of Almighty God. 

Everyone wants to Used Free internet.Thats Free internet using feeling is so good.But how to used Free internet?We all Wants to Used this Free internet. 

It would be really nice if we could always run free internet.

But in fact there is no way to always use free internet. But sometimes due to some VPN server problems we can run unlimited free  internet. Now the question is how can I use this unlimited internet?

The answer to this question and full tutorial is in today's post.

At first we didn't know what free internet was.

If we want to use the internet all the time, we have to buy some data through which we can use the internet. Many people spend a lot of money every month to run this internet.

What would it be like if we could use the internet for free?

So friends, let's get started. How can you use the internet for free?

Free internet is one of our favorite things. Who doesn't like to use the internet for free? So in today's post I will show you how you can easily use free internet without any hassle. We will use free internet through a VPN application. The app came to the Play Store only a few days ago, so the users are less, the speed will be better. I think I'm the first to tell everyone about this free internet.

So, let's not talk too much and let's get started!

First, you need to download an application called WIRE TUN!

Once downloaded, open the app and wait for the config file / server list to load.

(For the first time, you will need data and data connection on mobile to use the app.)

Howto use free unlimited internet

Yes, click on the 'Not Connected' option at the bottom of the app!

If all goes well it will connect very quickly (within a maximum of 15 seconds). This time you can use free internet.

You can add another 30 minutes by watching an advertisement. (This ad will also be loaded via free internet

How to use free unlimited internet

Now you can use it more than 1 hour without disconnect problem.

So you can get free unlimited internet by using it.

Thanks for read it.

Comment if any problem.

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