How to Verify your facebook profile or page with blue badge verification without celebrity.


In order to ensure the safety of the users on Facebook, there is a system of account verification (Blue verified base) of important individuals and organizations. Where there is a blue tick next to the account name. The blue tick in white circle on Facebook is called Blue Badge. Do you know how to get Blue Badge on Facebook page or ID? Secret Tips for Getting Blue Badges?

According to the rules of Facebook, anyone can 'verify' his profile or page if he wants. Today's tips include how to blue-badge a Facebook page or account and some of its secrets.

You know that blue ticks are given only for valid accounts. In that case, first the interested individuals, organizations and brands have to apply to Facebook for this blue-badge. After receiving the application, the Facebook authorities check the account thoroughly and only if the person is eligible for the Blue Badge is given the Blue Badge.

Now the question is do you have a blue badge on the forehead of the general public like me? Yes, of course if you follow the rules below then there is a 60-70% chance of getting a blue badge so try to read the articles carefully.

How many likes does it take to be Blue Verified on Facebook?

In fact, like has nothing to do with verified, it depends entirely on your popularity.

If you are famous, 50 likes can be verified and the general public cannot be verified with millions of likes.

follower / like doesn’t matter on page verify.

What does it take to verify Blue on Facebook?

The following two things need to be done to verify Blue on Facebook -

To get the blue tick on the page, the page category must be Music Artist and the page quality must be green and free from violence.

The person should have his own page and NID / smart card / passport / driving license.

Basically, 3 things are given priority to get Blue Verified:

1. Google Knowledge Panel (it is automatically created in Google, when people search for you, or you are popular on any other platform, then the knowledge panel goes directly)

See Sakib Al Hasan. After searching on Google, Shakib's knowledge panel has come up.

2. I want to have my own website in your name.

Where is Shakib Al Hasan's website now? Brother, they don't need their own website, the public just writes a lot in their name.

But you are not as popular as them, so if you have your own website, you will be one step ahead.

3. I want to publish news in your name in English on various top ranking websites.

You can review the Music / Artist category profile or page using the above methods. Not collected from anywhere else. You can buy music if you want (which is called licensing), if you buy music from an organization where that company does not give copyright, because you have paid them and got the license.

 It will cost 1600/1600 rupees to buy 5/6 hours of music. Each company takes different, less you have to find And if you can make music, there is no point.

2. Distributor cost:

 These are the mediums that help spread or upload your music across different platforms. You can upload songs / videos directly on YouTube. But for uploading songs on different music platforms, you need to take the help of a distributor.

 They will spread the word on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Dazer. Distributor Cost 20 $ / 22 $ (Each Distributor Charges One)

3. Spotify Artist Verify

This is the most important, if you find one, the rest can be verified in its reference, such as: apple music, amazon, youtube artist channel, etc.

4. Online news portal must have news in your name:

News in a few magazines will have to publish articles about you, in these and every news will cost well.

Like you are a successful music artist in Bangladesh, if you have anything else with the entrepreneur.

5. Must have Google Knowledge Panel:


If you can do the above, you have to claim that the knowledge panel will be created automatically.

. On your own website

You need to have an article / biography about him

Like you are a successful music artist, entrepreneur, etc. in Bangladesh.

In addition to these, it is better that you can write a biography on the wiki, imdb, YouTube has a Musical / Artist channel.

If you can do the above tasks successfully, you will be able to verify the rest is the wish of Zucker Mama.

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