How to show Your Post on Celebrity Pages (100% wroking)

 Today's topic: Show your Facebook post on any celebrity's Facebook page. So let's start without hesitation.


Step - 1

First find any profile type page in Duke on FACEBOOK. You can show your post on the profile type page of any celebrity. However, the classic layout page will not show.



Then open your page. Whether your page is new or old, whether you like it or not, whether the page is classic or profile type, there is no problem. Just maneuver / tag the page that will show the post on the celebrity's page by adding any pick to Duke on your page. [ernusername or @ [tag from pagecode:] or Pic]



Once posted, open any browser, turn on desktop mode and go to your Facebook page. Then edit the date or time of your post. For example, if you have posted on August 31, then edit it to August 30, or if you have posted at 1 pm, then edit it to 10 am.



Since I have tagged Shah Rukh Khan, my post is showing on his page. If not, you can check it yourself

 NB: Many people know it and many do not know, there is no post on the site, so the post has been made. You can ignore it if you don't like it, and there is no guarantee of how long it will work:

So this was today's post.


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