How to rank your YouTube video.

 Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. How do I rank our YouTube videos? If you know nothing about this topic, no matter how good your channel is, the videos in that channel will not reach the viewers. So what do you want? Never!

What is the rank of YouTube in today's article? And we will discuss in detail how to do it. Let's start the main tutorial without further ado.

How to rank your youtube video?

If you want to rank videos on your YouTube channel, you need to optimize your channel. Depending on the optimization of your YouTube video rank. This optimization is: search engine optimization.

Suppose when you created your channel you had an option called description. Do you remember? Anyway did you write this description? Your videos are searchable but will not appear in front of viewers. Because if you don't write anything in the description at the beginning, then YouTube will not understand that your video is useful to him.

In this description you have to write what kind of video you will publish. Only then will YouTube understand that your video is useful to them. Now go to the setting option of YouTube and get the job done. The second thing is that when creating your YouTube channel, another option came up: Input your keywords.

Tell me, what should you have written in this option? You should write keywords on the topic on which you will upload your videos. Then YouTube will understand who is suitable for such videos. If someone searches on your topic then your videos will be given in front of them.

If you have made such a mistake, you must set it up in the settings of the YouTube channel. These play a very important role in ranking your YouTube videos.
Use tags correctly on YouTube videos?

Everyone knows how to use tags in videos. However, many people do not use the tag properly or do not know the correct rules. Tags play a very important role in ranking your video. So you must use tags in your videos.

You need to use tags according to your video. When you do a search on YouTube. Then you will see that along with writing something, many topics are suggested. Don't understand? Well, if you write on YouTube how thick I am ,,,,,, you will see that many sentences will be presented in front of you.

  • Such as:
  • How do I get fat?

  • How can I get fat naturally?

  • Which medicine should be taken or will it be better to get fat?

  • Which medicine can make you fat naturally?

  • How can I get fat in 30 days?

I have written some sentences above as an example. When you write something on YouTube you will see a lot of words will be presented in front of you. Because such words are being used more. Will you upload that related video now? If you use YouTube's suggested words as tags there.

If the words suggested by YouTube are used as one in your description, and if someone does that related search on YouTube. YouTube will easily understand that he has targeted this related video. And instantly your video will be the first to reach them.

So you must use the description tag to rank your video. However, you do not have to use arbitrary tags. If your tag is more than one word, use an under score for each word. (_)

E.g .: #how_will_we_be_fat.

Hopefully, if you follow the above rules, you will be able to rank your video even if it is reduced. However, it will depend entirely on your video content. Suppose your video came in front of someone and he clicked to watch the video.

However, he is annoyed that he is not getting the information according to his needs in your video. So your video went on without continuing for two minutes. So always try to give informative video quality. I hope I understand.

Finally friends stay well and stay healthy till today’s article. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. Thank you.

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