How to SEO Blog Articles? (Blog Article SEO Full Tutorial)


How to seo blog article full tutorial

When we publish an article on a blog, it is necessary to do SEO. Because if you don't do SEO, you will never get traffic or visitors to your article. It is very important to do "On Page SEO" especially in blog articles.

If you don't do SEO, you will never get free traffic or visitors from "Google Search Engine". And if you don't get traffic or visitors to the blog, you will never be able to earn money. For that, you must use SEO in the article.

What is SEO? What is SEO? How many types and what are they? This is something I discussed in a previous article. Today I will discuss how to do the blog article "On Page SEO".

In the case of blog article "Search engine optimization" especially relies on keywords. For that, before doing the blog article On Page SEO, you must recharge the keyword. The more SEO Friendly keywords you can use in the article, the more your article will be displayed in front of the visitors in Google search engine.

Before doing article SEO, we will know what is SEO? What is a keyword? I have no idea about these two.

What is SEO?

The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It's actually a strategy to bring free blogs and unique site visitors from Google. When a person searches Google for something that is related to your blog article, the "Google search engine" will show you the article.

With this you will get a lot of traffic or visitors. In addition to Google, you will also get tropics or visitors from Yahoo Bing. And as a result, the blog site will get rank in Google.

What is a keyword?

The keyword is the subject or word associated with a blog or blog article. In a word, the keyword is the word that is related to the topic you are writing the article on. We always try to rank the blog or article in Google based on the keyword.

So that if any people search by typing our keyword in Google, then Google search engine should bring our article in front of people. It will get a lot of traffic or visitors for free.

Blog article SEO rules

The main strategy for doing blog article "On Page SEO and On Page SEO" is to write the article using keyword. If you can write the keyword in the right way inside the blog, then more than 80% of On Page SEO will be done.

Article SEO can be done in a few more ways outside of keyword. Now let's find out how to do article SEO outside of keyword.

(1) Use of keyword in the title of the article

Always give the title of the article you are writing about in a simple and easy way. So that everyone can understand what is written inside the article. And make the title bigger all the time. This will make it easier for visitors to see and read.

One thing to keep in mind is to always give your targeted keywords in the article. The article is about "Google search engine" and what visitors can easily understand. You will quickly get the site rank.

I give you a generosity to make it easy for you to understand. I am writing the word "Blog Article SEO Full Tutorial" at the end of my tuttle. He has an action. This is what I used in my main title for my targeted "keyword".

(2) Use Keyword in Article URL Address

You will always use the Keyword in the URL Address. Always create a URL Address with the same keywords. No matter which blog or WordPress you use. You will see an option to edit the URL Address while writing the article.

There, create a URL Address with your targeted keyword. When you go to Google to read an article, you will see 3 things. The first shows the title, the second shows the URL Address and the third shows the description. Therefore, the importance of the keyword in the URL Address is immeasurable. We must use the keyword in the URL Address.

(3) Use keyword in description

When we write an article, we must write a description of what we are writing. And in this description, we will highlight the targeted keywords. When writing an article on a blog or WordPress, you will see a box called Description. There, write a description of the article using the target keyword. If you go to Google to read an article, you will see 3 things. The first shows the title, the second shows the URL Address and the third shows the description.

Depending on the description, Google search often highlights your article in the name of visitors. Therefore, the importance of using keywords in the description of the article. This will quickly rank your site in Google search.

(4) Use the right targeted keyword

Use Keyword when writing articles for On Page SEO. One thing to keep in mind at all times is that you will use the keywords that you have targeted at least once inside the keyword paragraph.

And write in short paragraph form and use keyword. In this way, Google will be able to understand the subject matter of the article in the search engine and will rank the site.

(5) Write the article in at least 1500 words

You will try to write in a boring way about the subject on which you will write the article in the blog. Always write the article in more words. Write at least 1500 words. 3000 Words but no problem. Because Google always values ​​Words more.

The deeper you try to write about a topic, the better Google will find you. Google search engine will show your article in front of visitors. And it will get the value of the article.

Today, many people have published articles on their site about the subject you are writing an article on the blog. What? Can't believe it! You can get it by searching on Google. Then the question may come to your mind then why Google will show my article in front of the visitors.

Yes, for that you need to publish the article in the article blog using Target Keyword in a nice way and mentioning the annoying topics. Then your article will show in front of the visitors in Google search engine.

(6) Use of image in the article

Before publishing an article on a blog, use at least one image according to the article. This will make the article better SEO. Before uploading an image, you must rename your targeted keywords as tags.

Moreover, go to Properties of the image, go to the title, subtitle, tag, go to the description and paste the targeted keywords.

Then click on Apply and Save. In this way, if someone does a Google search with that targeted keyword, then Google will show your image. This will quickly get the site rank.

(6) Use of H Tag in the article

The importance of H tags for writing articles on blogs is immense. Always use the H tag in articles. Such as- H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc. The use of these trags increases the rank in SEO.

Using the H tag makes it much easier for visitors to read articles and Google search engines. Moreover, the article looks clear and beautiful. That's why the article will always use.

(6) Use of Inter Linking

You must use inter linking in the article. Articles are good SEO because of inter linking. liner linking seo 80% of bloggers can't get their site ranked in Google.

How to do Inter Linking

Usually inter linking is an art. Which helps us move from one article to another. You will see in my article there are links to different articles. That is another link to the article I wrote. Such a link is called Inter Linking.

Then you must understand what is Inter Linking. Using it in articles becomes 80% SEO. Moreover, Google will bring your site in the search rank. By doing this you will get a lot of traffic or visitors.

The latest

So now you have read "Blog Article SEO Full Tutorial" and you must understand how to do "Blog Article SEO". Especially how to do "On Page SEO". If you can SEO blog articles in a beautiful way, then your site will rank in the 5th in Google search.

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