What is Domain And Hosting.Full explain On The post.


What I am going to share with you today is the complete details and nuances of what domain and hosting is and how and where it is managed.

[B: Note: This post is for those who don't know. Many do not know anything about it. This post is primarily for beginners, and for learning about it]



What is a domain? Why? How?

A domain is basically a specific name, title or a specific command. Which is used for a specific website. The websites we use or create have a specific name that only applies to one website. Such as: facebook.com, youtube.com, google.com, gmail.com, trickbd.com. Basically a domain specific command. Which is commanded to tell you to connect to such a place. When we enter a domain name in our browser, the server that is basically connected to that domain appears in front of us through that domain command. That means the webpage is viewed. For example, if you type trickbd.com in your browser, then the webpage that is being viewed is basically the server of that webpage connected to the domain, and trickbd.com is basically the command to view that server page. A domain can basically command only one serverpage / website. However, even if a domain can command only one website, more than one domain name can be used on one website. Such as trickbd.com This website can have many names / domains. Which will show the trickbd.com webpage view. But the domain can only view one webpage.



What is hosting? Why? How?

Hosting is basically online storage. It is used to make your website live online. Simply put, we all know memory cards. It's basically like a memory card. Your memory card can be such as 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or different. Hosting is also available up to 1GB, 2GB or 5GB or Unlimited. We keep such songs, videos, pictures, documents or various files on our memory card. Hosting is just like that. An online place to keep our necessary files, information, pictures or various files. Which does not look like a memory card. Hosting is basically a live server. Where your website design files or various things are hosted. And see it online.

Remember, youtube.com is a website. The videos you watch here must have YouTube hosting. Again, the design of the YouTube website is also uploaded to that hosting. Basically, everything you watch on YouTube is uploaded to YouTube's hosting. The funny thing here is that everything that YouTube says or the website that says e is kept on one computer or another. From one computer's hard disk or SSD disk you get 1 GB or 5 GB storage separately depending on your needs under your domain. As if clicking on your domain shows the contents of that domain.

And there are basically some methods used to connect any of your domains with hosting. Some of the methods are: Nameserver, A record, Cname record, Glue record, dns etc. Methods are basically set up in the domain. Each hosting has a different nameserver that needs to be set up in the domain. Simply put, you have to instruct the domain to connect to a different server / hosting. And you have to put the nameserver or the record of that hosting. Then the specific domain is connected to the specific hosting. And your desired domain is live.

[Note that domain hosting is required for a website]

Domain is the name of your website and hosting is the lifeblood of your website.


I simply tried to explain to everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks everyone.

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