What Is backLink?How To Create Backlink And Seo Your post On Google.


There are a variety of questions in the minds of new bloggers about what backlinks are and how to create backlinks, which should be there because backlinks play an important role in blogging.

After creating a blog, we do a lot to optimize it for search engines so that our blog or website gets a place in the Google SERP (search engine results page).

We do a lot of things easily, but when it comes to things that are not directly in our hands, we have to face some problems and one of them is backlinks.

If you are a person who has little knowledge about backlinks, you will know that creating backlinks is not easy but backlinks are also necessary and so today we will talk about what are backlinks and how to create backlinks?

Keep reading with us.

We will give you complete information about backlinks.

Backlinks What is it?

Backlinks are links that go from one page of a website to another. Simply put, it is a path that goes from one website to another.

If someone gives you a link to their website, it means that you got a backlink from that website.

Similarly, if you give someone a link to your website, you are giving him a backlink.

Backlinks are also called incoming links, inbound links and one way links.

How many types of backlinks?

There are 2 types of backlinks and both backlinks have their own importance in SEO. In these backlinks

DoFollow Backlink

NoFollow Backlink

It said.

DoFollow Backlinks What is it?

These backlinks were applied to the search engine by Google in 2005. This is due to 2 reasons, firstly to reduce the indexing of spam links in search engines and secondly to improve the results that come in search engines.

DoFollow Backlinks is known as Juicy Links in SEO. The similarity between them is called authority.

So what is the real work of DoFollow Links?

DoFollow Backlinks increase traffic and with the help of site authority and DoFollow Links the ranking of the site on the SERP i.e. search engine results page is better.

What are the benefits of DoFollow Backlinks?

Google helps crawlers quickly crawl and index any page.

Improves page rank in SERP.

In Google’s eyes, you prove to be a more respected source (respected source).

Websites improve authority.

DoFollow Backlinks provides long term SEO benefits.

What are NoFollow Backlinks?

NoFollow Backlinks do not dominate your site, meaning they do not pass any kind of Link Juice, so they can also be called Non-Juicy Links.

These are not indexing whether it is Google or any other search engine. How does this process happen? In fact, when Google crawler comes to index a link and sees that there is a tag of rel = "nofollow" in front of it, it does not index that link.

So what is the use of NoFollow Backlinks?

Nofollow Backlinks increase the rank of the website but they are not more useful than DoFollow Backlinks.

So should I just create DoFollow Backlinks?

No, Nofollow Backlinks are created more easily than DoFollow and it gives you better traffic.

Also, the balance of Nofollow and DoFollow Backlinks protects your website from Google penalties, so don't try to increase one backlink too much.

It would be better if you create less backlinks by yourself and let the rest be normal.

What are the benefits of NoFollow Backlinks?

Increases domain authority and page authority. Gives a lot of traffic. Spreads awareness about your website.

Often a NoFollow Backlink becomes DoFollow. (Not by itself)

How to recognize DoFollow or NoFollow Backlink?

Wherever you see the link.

Whether it's inside anchor text, image links or ad links.

All you have to do is move the cursor over it and right click. At the bottom of the menu that will open in front of you will be written, "Inspect Element" - you have to click on it.

The whole area with the link will be highlighted in HTML. From there you can identify the link. DoFollow Backlink visible

<a href = ”I t n o b d. C o m ”> anchor text </a>

It should look something like this. Where NoFollow Backlink will always be with rel = “nofollow” tag

<a rel = ”nofollow” href = ”I t n o b d. C o m ”> anchor text </a>

It will show something like this.

Why do you need backlinks?

The role of backlinks in SEO is a lot.

This is because it gives your website the right to be important in the eyes of Google and also brings a lot of traffic to your website.

Simply put, if the meaning of backlinks is simply understood, backlinks are given when someone thinks that the site they are giving backlinks to contains very important information that is not on my site, but my visitor users should know that information.

When this backlinking process starts to happen again and again, it signals to Google that good information is being found on the site that is getting backlinks.

Similarly, when more and more sites start giving backlinks to a site, Google starts to increase its rank in SERP.

This means that earning such links increases the ranking of your site in the eyes of Google and helps to increase the rank in search engines.

Creating backlinks and providing backlinks

If you know about SEO then you know that Backlink Off Page is an important part of SEO.

This process of getting backlinks or creating backlinks is called link building.

All backlinks are the same, but some backlinks may have more authority than others.

It is a good thing to get backlinks from trusted, famous and such sites, whose quality is very good in the eyes of Google compared to their sites whose quality is very low or they are of spam nature.

Giving backlinks to someone also increases the authority of your website authority, page authority, content, etc. The person you are linking to should be good.

Do backlink research.

It takes a long time to create backlinks. When someone starts a new site, on-page SEO does not face as many problems as the off-page SEO link building process.

In such a situation, it is very difficult to understand when and where to start link building and that is why you need to do research on backlinks.

So what do you have to do?

You need to create a list of websites that link to your competitors who are already ranking and working on the same keywords that you wrote on and try to get backlinks from those sites.

You can use the (ahref.com) tool for competitive research


How to create backlinks?

Creating backlinks is very important to get your website or blog pages in the SERP and it is more important to do this process of link building properly.

So let's not know how to create backlinks?
There are many ways to create backlinks.

There are many methods that have no answers and big bloggers use them, but here we will talk about every method that a common man can do.

The way I will tell you is how to create backlinks?

Write articles on faithful content.

Create backlinks through comments. Create profile backlinks.

Submit the link to the web directory site.

Questions answer forum.

  • Infographics.
  • Broken links,

  • Share on social media.
  • Create internal backlinks.
  • Let's get started.

Write quality content.

Writing quality content is the best way to get backlinks naturally.

Try to write the article in such a good and detailed way so that the visitor understands everything at once and does not need to go anywhere else.

In such a situation, it happens that due to the quality content, the importance of your site continues to increase among the people and the people who come to your site repeatedly signal to Google that this site is very good.

When your site starts to move in the SERP, it becomes more popular with people and as you write quality articles your chances of getting backlinks also increase.

Post a guest.

Guest posting means giving or writing an article on someone else's website and giving DoFollow Backlink to your website in that article.

Many websites give you the option to submit guest posts and those that do not, you can try to get DoFollow link considering to post guest on their site.

Remember that first, check the details of that website with the help of some tools. If the authorities are good, just put your post on their site.

Create comment backlinks.

These links can be easily created. However, if it is there then there are NoFollow Backlinks but as I said they bring traffic to our site.

To backlink comments, you need to make a good comment on your competitor's site and link to your site there.

Create profile backlinks.

Profile backlinks are backlinks that are found on social media profiles or any other account where you have created a profile for yourself or your site.

It could be NoFollow and it could be DoFollow. There are some common handles for creating profile backlinks.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Koora
  • Pinterest

You can easily build backlinks on them.

Submit the web directory

The number of Domain and Page Authority of Directory submission websites is high. Many directory submissions submit website links.

You can go to them and create backlinks, but remember that more backlinks than necessary will be counted as spam.

Question Answer Forum

There are many QnA forums available on the internet. Like Quora or Medium. You need to search your target audience and see who asked the question on which you have already written the article.

As soon as you see your favorite question, write a semi-incomplete answer to it and give a link to your blog.

In that case, the traffic to your site will also increase and the link you received may be DoFollow.


First of all, let's find out what is infographics?

When you explain a topic, process or information in the form of a photo, it is called infographic.

Bloggers like to use this type of infographic on their blogs. You need to create a good infographic and submit it to infographic sites.

In addition to submitting, you will need to provide a link to any of your blog posts. This is a great way to build links.

What is a broken link?

Broken links are those links that take visitors to your website to a page where there is nothing else. That page is empty.

So what do you have to do with it?

If you are able to find such a broken link, you can contact the owner of that blog and say that this link is broken and if he wants you can link to your content from there.

This way you will get a backlink and it will work too.

Create internal backlinks.

Whenever you have some time in your blogging and you have a lot of articles, you can add those articles related to other articles with anchor text and adding them with backlinks is called internal linking.

This is one of the most important reasons for your blog, it keeps traffic to your site for a long time and helps crawlers index all your articles.

All these internal linking is done only through DoFollow Backlinks.

Some important terms

Link the juice

Whenever a website gives you a DoFollow link, there is a link juice pass from your website that gives backlinks.

This link juice helps to increase the rank of your website as well as the rank of the article.

If you ever want to give someone a backlink but don't want the link juice to pass, you can give them a NoFollow Backlink with a rel = "nofollow" tag that prevents the link juice from passing.

What are low quality backlinks?

Low quality links are not good links. It damages your website.

When someone links your website to a malicious website, your website's ranking starts to decline.

In that case, you need to go to the Sach Console and remove those inferior links.

What is High Quality Backlinks?

High quality links are the links you get from good website sites.

It increases the ranking of your website and increases your ranking.

What are external backlinks?

When you link to another website from your website, such links are called external links or outbound links.

What is a backlink profile?

A website's backlink profile is published from sites linked to the website.

If that website gets high quality links then its backlink profile is very good and if low quality backlinks are found then backlink profile is bad.

Anchor text

The word or line above which you are backlinking is called anchor text.

Giving backlinks to anchor text is the best way to create backlinks.


Today we learned about what backlinks are and how to create backlinks.

What are the types of backlinks and why backlinks need to be created. And finally through some important terms related to backlinks we fully understand backlinks.

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