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 Dreams are fulfilled only by those who have life in their dreams. We are happy because you have faith in yourself. The eye is right in the sky, but there is texture under the feet. It is the meaning of a successful life. Stages your own limit. Challenging the system of the world. Always looking for ways to make yourself a better person.

Life-Inspiration -Life-Inspiration

Now do not ask, where is the goal!

Now don't ask, where is the goal !!

Now I just wanted to visit.

I did not lose, I will never lose.

I have made a promise to myself, not to anyone else.

The things in this world are yours, you have to work for them. No matter how difficult the journey. You have to arrange those things.

Sometimes it will happen, this world, Calculation, Logic and Science will say together - it is impossible. You can't do that.

But remember one thing, this world, Logic, Calculation and this Science - even Thomas Edison - said - it is impossible to make bulbs.

Graham Bell was not even told that one could not sit down and talk to millions of people from one place to another. He also told the Wright Brothers that these people would never fly in the sky. Man was born just to walk on the ground.

Whoever Gandhi said, a single person will never bring change. But you also have to fight like these people to make the Impossible thing Possible. What a thing you have to tell it to the world.

You have to put your hawk on everything you have in this world. You have to believe in yourself and your dream. Because, it happens when a person's own knowledge says that he is strong.

This is what we have been taught since childhood, read paper for 25 years of life, then earn paper for 25 years. And then for the next 25 years, retire and run your whole life relying on saved paper. And wait for death. Such is the world. Some systems are created. Which everyone follows.

Take the Study. When we pass the S.S.C. Then we are only talking about 3 roads. Become an Engineer with Science. Become a banker with Commerce. Or take Art, if you don't pay much attention to your studies. See you later.

 We were told that we could be Radio Jockey and what kind of stream should be taken for that. Did anyone say that we can also be a YouTuber? Did anyone say, we can start our own and we can be an Entrepreneur. Did anyone say that we can become Sound Engineering-- DJ. I can go to Bank Security by Ethical Hacking.

Not that there is no scope in these things. The thing is - these things are beyond the reach of our system. We have been training to be part of the crowd since we were little. Far from doing anything different, no one even appreciates to think. And we accept that the world is what people and this system are showing us.

But if you look at the life of a successful person, Yaar, everyone performs from outside the system. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college.

India's Dirubhai Ambani did not go to college. Abraham Lincoln would fall under the sidewalk lights at night.

Imagine if people could be part of the system. I used to stick to that system. So would we take the names of these people in this video? "Never"

Absolutely not. These two people had four hands in their place. Or there was no Extra Brain. Only these people had a strong belief in themselves - from the belief in the system.

These people see nothing in Logic and Science. They just work with Josh. There is no doubt that this is very difficult. So difficult that your body can respond. Your confidence can also answer. But believe me, if you endure this hardship. So he played right in life.

The ultimate feeling in life is-- Success. Read on for a few years as you get older, stay tuned to Dead Bad. So you will get one consolation. Hey Yaar, I'm doing something different from everyone else.

A person driving a scooter also dreams of buying an airplane. And yes, let me remind you one thing-- some people in this world are reading history for Mark. And some people compose history with their own thoughts, with their own Josh. With hard work and blood. When the world is calm.

Keep sharing, behind your own Goal. Because, not today but another day-- people will be proud one day. Stick, just don't stop.

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