Income through blogging Part-1


What is blogging?

Before discussing blogging, what is blogging? Blogging is like an online magazine. Where you write your story like a journalist and reach the audience through any website you write. Here the web site works like a magazine.

In other words, we can say that blogging is the presentation of a topic on a website to provide feedback to the viewers.

It is easy to say that blogging is what is written on various writing websites.


The word blog is an acronym for web blog. Anyone who posts on a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers regularly add content to their websites and users post their opinions there.

The sum of a blog post, pictures and links.

On December 16, 1997, Jর্নrgen Burger was the first to use the term weblog. Peter Merholz later coined the term weblog on his own website, Peterm.com.

What is a blogging platform?

Websites and blogging applications that help create a blog are called blogging platforms. Currently the most popular blogging platforms are Google's Blogger, WordPress, etc.

History of Bengali language blogs

The blog did not start long ago in Bangladesh. The first blog writing started in January 2005. The first Bengali language blog is called Somewhere in Blog.


Blogs can be divided into different parts based on how they are presented, just as there are different types of blogs based on content. However, at present two types of blogs are most seen.

1-Personal blog

Here the person presents his opinion to the readers in the form of post and exchanges his opinion with the readers.

2-Institutional blog

Institutional blogging is when an organization provides new information on products and services to promote their products or services and readers can express their opinions. For example, we can talk about Shaomi's MIUI forum.

How to start blogging?

If you want to build your career with blogging and know how to get started, this article is for you. Basically many people who are brand new don't know how to get started.

You must first select a platform to start blogging.

You can create your own platform if you want. You can create a blog web site in both free and paid ways.

Create free web site

Google's Blogger is the best platform for creating free web sites. Where you can start earning money by buying a domain. The price of the domain is not too high and the hosting is absolutely free.

For beginners, Blogger's user interface is designed to be easily accessible to anyone.

Made with WordPress

If you choose WordPress for blogging, you need to buy a domain and hosting. It can cost 800 to 1000 rupees to buy a good domain for professional blogging. And hosting has different roots. How much the hosting will cost depends on the storage. But in the beginning you can start working with 2 GB to 5 GB hosting. In that case you may have to spend 1500 to 3000.

Moreover, if you want to earn money by writing blogs without so much hassle, then different blog websites will help you. There are currently some blogging websites that will publish your writing on their website and they will pay you if they meet the conditions.

Since my article is written in Bengali, I have given a list of them on Bangla blogging site today. Then let's see the names of some popular Bengali blogging sites without delay.

General Blog:

TrickBlogBD.com - Most popular bangla blog

Name meaning- Dictionary of name meaning

Online Income BD | Online Income Solutions

TunerPage - The most popular Bangla blog on science and information technology

Contemporary blog

Trickbd.com - Know for sharing

ShopnoBaz Bangla Blog

Noise Bengali

SMN Zaman- To increase online income or business income

New blog

Jhenaigati IT - Education and job news

Rashtrakutas.com- Learn history at home

Priyota- Online bangla lifestyle magazine

Name Bangla

Technology blog


Tech City- Easy Life Address

BanglaTech.info- Technology Knowledge in Bangla

Tech Buzz - Bangla Technology Blog

Planet Bangla

ITbari.com- best ever bangla video tutorial (IT house)

Ghat IT

TechJano.com- latest Bangla technology news

Banglatech24.com - Everything in science and technology is in Bengali

AnytechTune | Bangla Technology Blog Site | Tech News | Anitech Tune

Technology geek

Fbhelpbd: Be Your Own Boss

Techmaster Blog

Ready to read.com

WiREBD- Make life wired

Education blog

Ten Minute School - Class and Subject Based Teaching

From the reading table

Teacher window

Teenage window

Edu icon

Online coaching - class and subject based teaching

Champs 21

The Daily Campus

Bangla Blog on Telecommunication






Tele Talk BD - Telecom Blog


Mushroom - Prince Mahato

Bengali blog about beauty



Femina- Women's fashion

Health website

Maya- Digital wellbeing assistant

My Tonic - Your master plan to stay well


Bangla Forum

Generation Forum

Forums dot com dot bd

However, if you want to make money by blogging on a web site, you need to choose sites that allow you to publish articles on their website and pay you in return. I will discuss another day.

Stay well until then. If you like the article, please share. Thanks.

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