Google Adsense Not Approved? Google Adsense Alternative 4 sites Through which you can earn thousands of Dollars from the website.


Today I will talk about the 4 best alternative sites of Google Adsense. If you have a website and it is not being approved after repeated application in Google Adsense, then I sat down to write about these 4 sites for them.

All the sites that I will share today have a much higher CPM than Google adsense. And the chances of account ban are very low.

Those who blog and have short websites can place ads on all these sites. Of course, it should be kept in mind that the site should have 100-200 visitors a day. If not, you have to give up the hope of income from all these ads. Let's share the names of all those sites.

Number 1: Adsterra

Adsterra is a very popular Google Adsense Alternative Site. You will get very good CPM of this site. If your visitor is from 1st World Country. . If you understand what the 1st world countries are, you can take a look from Google. Its CPM is more than 650Doller at a time.

. You will find Banner, Popup, Native banner, Social ads. From here you can withdraw money at $5 for Web Money and $100 for Bitcoin. I use its banner Ads.

Below is the payment proof I got from this site.

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Adcash is a very popular Google Adsense Alternative, in which you can withdraw money at payonner for a minimum of $25.

Bangladesh's ads can also be seen. So you can earn good money from Bangladesh. Its CPM is available up to 40-50 $ Doller.

You will find Banner, Native, popup, push Notification etc ads. You will get approval as soon as you add the site

Below is my Payment proof,

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Number 3: Propellerads

Currently the most popular site for Google adsense is Propellerads, in which the site becomes active as soon as you add and start earning. Its CPM can show up to 60-70. The minimum pay out is $5. Which you can take PayPal and if it is $30, payoneer adds payment mode. If it is 20 dollars, the money goes to the auto payonner. However, to withdraw money here, you have to do KYC Verification. Which is a lot of trouble for me. There is no problem other than this small problem. Understand by looking at the skinshort below.

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Number 4: A-ads

A-ads I would say the best is a site, whose ads you can use with Google adsence, whose CPM is always close to Google, and more than one at a time.

You will only get banner ads. If the minimum is 0.001 BTC, money can be withdrawn at Coinbase.

You can see my payment proof below.

I have received money from this site 3 times. And I think this site is better than the other 3 sites. Those who have a website can generate small income from it.

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