Dirilis Artugrul All Season's All Episode link And Full Review Of The most popular drama Series.

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Today I have brought for you the review and download link of the world-shaking Islamic series Dirilis Artugrul. So let's get started.

Series Name: Diriliş: Ertuğrul


Genre: Drama, War, Action Fiction, History, Islam-Related, Adventure

Casts:Engin Altan Düzyatan, Esra Bilgiç, Batuhan Karacakaya, Hande Soral, Hasan Küçükçetin, Hulya Darcan, Cengiz Coskun, Nurettin Sonmez Etc.

Director: Metin Günay


 Total 5 seasons.

*** Summary of the story ***

Many have watched Netflix series and now watch a Turkish series. Best series ever. "Dirilis Artugrul" is a popular historical series in the Middle East that has nothing to say about the Mongol invasion and the restoration of the Seljuk Empire.



 When I started watching, I couldn't believe it when I saw that night turned into day. I was watching one episode after another as if I couldn't fit into the series. There is no shortage of action, romantic, drama, light comedy in this series. There are some scenes that will blow you away!

Great acting and story script director "Mehmet Bojdag" has given his best in this series and great sound music that will take your mind away. There is no obscenity to watch the series with the family. There is no language to talk about a very good series. And there are some scenes that will make your body hair stand on end.

If anyone wants to watch a series on the history of Islam, you can watch this series from the beginning. The series is not a documentary series but the story of this series has come to the fore in the form of a novel centering on history. The thriller, war, love, politics, religion are so beautifully portrayed in the series that when you start watching you will feel like you are in another world. This series has been dubbed in many languages ​​including Bengali. Many say that history has been distorted here. In fact, the series has been banned by Saudi Arabia from airing in their country because of the Ottoman Empire's long-standing problems with the Ottoman Empire. So the Saudis have questioned the series for political reasons.




 The main character of the series is Artugrul, the son of Solaiman Shah. Many years ago there were many settlements. They had no country. Smaller settlements were led by the settlement chiefs. Similarly, one settlement is Kai settlement. Solaiman Shah is the head of the Kai settlement. Artugrul is his son. Artugrul made his own land and state for his settlement from a very small settlement. But it was not easy.

We all know what is happening in the world today. One Muslim country is at war with another Muslim country. The government is undergoing major changes due to betrayal within itself. At the same time, the US and Israel are doing everything in their interest to keep the Muslim countries in trouble. If you watch the series, you will understand very well how they are working to break the unity. How Muslim countries are creating traitors within themselves.

The series "Dirilis: Artugrul" is based on the biography of Artugrul Ghazi, the father of Sultan Uthman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Caliphate), which ruled half the world for nearly 800 years.




Turkish tribes fled Central Asia due to Mongol invasions, torture and genocide. A Turkish tribe called the Kayis took refuge in Anatolia. The chief of this tribe was Suleiman Shah. His youngest son, Artugrul, often went hunting with his friends. Suddenly one day they see the Templar-Knights taking a helpless family prisoner. Artugrul and his friends then killed all the knights and rescued a girl named Halima and her family. Without knowing the real identity of the family, they brought them to their settlement and gave them shelter.

In fact, Halima and her family were members of the Seljuk royal family, who were ordered to be killed. If Artugrul and his friends had not been saved, they would have been killed.

As Halima and her family took refuge, the enemy of the Kayi tribe suddenly increased. On the one hand the Templar-Knights were looking for an opportunity to take revenge on the Kayi tribe, on the other hand Amir Sadettin Kopek of the Seljuk Empire started a conspiracy against the Kayi tribe. At that time the aggression of the Mongol army started again.





The story of the "Dirilis: Artugrul" series continues with how Artugrul dealt with these dangers and laid the foundation of the future Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Caliphate).

Believe me, you can't get up without watching these 5 seasons. Even if you go to sleep, you will want to see a little more. Once you sit down to watch, you will understand that there is something that is not in this series. Powerful dialogue, which you will be shocked from time to time to hear. There is no way not to be fascinated by the romantic scenes. And the horrible attacks of wars can lead you astray.




 Each episode has a different twist, which is sometimes eye-popping. And the thing that comes to mind the most is that there are a lot of educational things in this series, which will motivate you as well as entertain you to learn a little is not a bad thing at all.

The total season of this series is 5. All of them have Bangla subtitles. You can find Bangla subtitles on Facebook.

I am giving the link below.

Season 1 || Bangla dubbing || Dubbing Courtesy: Maasranga TV || Editing Courtesy: Azmi Pathik, Enlightened Religion ||

|| Season 2 || Bangla dubbing || Dubbing Courtesy: Maasranga TV || Editing Courtesy: Azmi Pathik, Enlightened Religion ||

Season 3 || Bangla subtitles || Courtesy: Translation Arrangement, Azmi Pathik ||


Season 4 || Bengali Subtitles || Courtesy: Azmi Pathik, Ottoman Caliphate, We’re Muslim ||

 || Season: 5 || Bangla subtitles || Courtesy: Azmi Pathik


How do you see Dirilis Artugrul in Urdu?

You can watch Dirilis Artugrul in Urdu / Hindi dubbing by clicking this link. Urdu and Hindi are often the same. Those who understand Hindi will also understand Urdu dubbing.


If any link doesn't work, please let me know in the comment box. How to download Facebook videos has already been posted on Trikworld. Take a look at them. Or you can use SnapTube to copy and download the Facebook video link.

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