Why Google Adsense Disapproved? Full Comolete Guidelines To approved Adsense.


Assalamualaikum how are you all hopefully good inshaAllah I am also very good today's topic is why Google AdSense is not approved on the website? Hopefully if you wear the whole post then your problem will be solved so let’s move on to the main discussion


Everything we can learn from today's content. 

1 Why is Google rejecting your website?
1.1 Content Writing?
1.2 Website Theme Problems?
1.3 Website Page Problems?
1.4 Website Index Problems?

Why is Google rejecting your website?

There are many reasons why your website may be rejected by Google. Nowadays, even though many people have 30 content, it shows low value content. It may have many reasons. I will give you some examples.

Content writing?

Google will look at the content of your website first and the main purpose of a website is to publish content. If you publish bad content on your website then people will not see that content. Always try to write user friendly article then there will be no problem.

There are many people who publish short words or short articles on the website, it can not be done because if you write an article on a topic, it will try to convince the users through that article. Your website may be rejected by Google


Copy Articles Many people think that AdSense can be obtained only by publishing articles on the website. Why is it not wrong? If your article has a copy, you will get a good ad. It is always good and unique article will be published on your website. Tell him to write and take 100% unique content and check the article. There are many dishonest people who will steal articles from other people's websites and sell them to you. If you don't have paid tools, you can check with free tools. You will get the tools

Minimum Content This is because the hope is that your website does not have the required number of articles or it may come for short articles. Try to write each article above 500 words and if the minimum is 15 articles then apply for AdSense then maybe you can get it and make the website at least 25 days old. The older the domain, the more your AdSense will depend on the keyword research to write a good article.

Theme problem?

Adsense may be rejected for your website's theme problem. Themes and content like articles, so the theme design should be good. A lot of times we post in different groups and say I need a theme, someone can give it and many give you know that there is a virus inside the theme which can harm your website so check out his demo before any theme or if you have a blogger friend you know. If you like the design, visitors will like your website and Google and your website will approve you. The design of the website will be better for your AdSense, but it should be good. Sometimes the article is a bit bad, but if the design is good, I will give it with AdSense. Use on your website


Website page problem?

Before applying AdSense to the website, you need to create some pages and if you do not have these pages, Abhayad will consider and reject the website, especially About, Privacy Police, Contact Us, Team Of Use. Then you can generate. There are many websites from which you can take these pages, but it would be best if you write them.

And write details about your website on the pages. Google may reject your website because it does not have valuable pages.

Website index problem?

If your website does not have Google Index, your website may reject it for this purpose. Try to check if your site is indexed properly. Before applying for AdSense, every post should have Google Index. Look at the shots! Apply for Google Adsense after all the pages of your website are indexed! If your website does not have an index then you will not get visitors from Google.

I hope you can get Adsense by following the above topics. If you like the post, you can share it. Thank you.

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