Never Do These Things On Internet.


Today I will share another important point among you.

A cautionary tale that we should all be aware of.

If not, it is not possible to say when.

We don't have to read into these problems if we are careful beforehand.

The current era of information and technology.

So one day we can't imagine without the use of technology.

If we do not use these technologies with caution, we will inevitably face many dangers.

We have to face many problems due to unawareness that internet is as good and useful as it is.

1 [Using free Wi-Fi:

Where we see that free wifi we do not run any bar to run free wifi.

Did you know that using free WiFi can result in the theft of your mobile phone's personal information without your knowledge?

All data on your phone may be hacked.

In addition, your phone can be saved to bank accounts and hackers.

So be careful from now on

Refrain from using free WiFi everywhere.

2] Do not exchange personal passwords:

Password is a security key.

Never give your password to anyone if it is private.

Keep your password to a minimum.

They will also never ask for a personal password from a bank or credit card company.

Beware of this poison.

If you get any phone call in this regard, contact the police.

3] Online shopping

Online shopping has now become popular with our everyday.

We order any product we like.

And the product we get at the moment.

Ever wonder how much damage we are doing to save time?

* We use credit card or debit card to make payments while shopping on many unknown websites.

But at this time the personal information of our card was leaked.

So keep yourself free from this kind of risk when shopping online.

4] Travel Planning Share:

When traveling to a place, keep it in your family without sharing it on social media.

The exception may be the theft of your home because there are no people in the house.

So be aware of this.

5] Application usage:

A lot of the time we use Thad Party.

These apps ask for a lot of permissions from us, we unknowingly give a lot of permissions wrong.

That is why we are afraid of losing a lot of personal information.

So before using any application, see what kind of permission you want and confirm. Then give permission.

There are more different precautions.

We will be careful.

To this day,

I try to present small knowledge among you.

Wait for the next trick, I'll come up with something better again.

Stay well until he stays healthy.

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